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Satus Elementary School


School Board Approves Bond Proposal to Replace Aging Schools

The Wapato School Board voted unanimously last night (11/13/23) to place a $33-million construction bond proposal on the February 2024 special election ballot.

If approved by Wapato School District voters, the bond money would be used to replace Camas Elementary, which serves PreK thru 2nd grade students, and Satus Elementary, which serves 3rd-5th grade students, with a new, larger, consolidated elementary school.  The bond money would also be used to replace PACE High School with a new building.

These three school buildings are the oldest of the seven schools in the District.  Camas Elementary was built in 1948. Satus Elementary was built in 1952 and the PACE High School building, which is almost 90-years-old, was built in 1936.

If voters approve the bond proposal, it is estimated the District would also qualify for a total of approximately $27.35-million dollars in State school construction assistance grant money to help fund the two projects.  It’s estimated the state assistance would pay for about 45-percent of the total cost of the two projects. The state funds are a grant, meaning taxpayers would not have to pay them back.

The February 2024 special election day is Tuesday, February 13th.  School bond proposals need a super-majority (60%) of “YES” votes in order to pass.