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Satus Elementary School


District Leaders Monitoring Reports of Swatting Calls Around the State

Last week (May 8-12) you may have read or heard about a number of school districts around parts of Eastern and Western Washington impacted by what are known as “swatting” calls.  “Swatting” is a term used when a person makes a prank call to report some type of extreme emergency, for example an active shooter situation, which turns out to be fake.  The intent of these prank calls is to bring a large number of emergency responders to one area and to disrupt the school day.

The District wants you to know that it is aware this has been happening around the state and to let you know how it would respond if we are the victim of one of these calls.  The District takes ALL reported threats very seriously and it will respond to any type of threat as though it is real by following our established emergency protocols.

As always we ask all our stakeholders who hear about or see something they believe is a threat to our schools or the learning environment to say something.